Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Suspected rapist drugs, attacks pupil inside bush, with machete cuts on her head, legs and wrist.

A suspected rapist in Osun state drugged and attacked a 15 year old secondary school student of Young Tajudeen Middle School, Ede, Osun for supposedly refusing him sex, Punch reports.
According to reports, on Wednesday April 30th, the victim who lived with her grandmother, had gone to the bush to pick mangoes when she was accosted by the alleged rapist who begged her for some mangoes. She said she obliged him but afterwards the man demanded for sex which refused. She said the man immediately forced a pill into her mouth which made her unconscious. By the time she woke up, there were machete cuts on her head, legs and wrist.
Explaining what happened, the girl said
"I went to the farm to pick mangoes on the day I was attacked. As I was heading for home, I met a man who asked me to give him some mangoes and I did. The man asked me of my name and I told him my name is Suweba, but my real name is (withheld). The man later said  he wanted to have sex with me, but I told him I was too young for that. The man threatened to cut off my head if I didn’t oblige him. He held my head, forced my mouth open and dropped a white pill inside my mouth. I fell down and I became unconscious. I was attacked around 2pm and I woke up when it was getting dark maybe around 7pm. I managed to crawl to the footpath and shouted for help, but none came until the following morning.” she said
Passersby the next morning found the girl on the pathway and then immediately rushed her to the hospital where it was discovered that the wounds she sustained had already started decaying with maggots coming out from it. 
Hospital staff, who described the attack as callous, believe the girl could have been attacked 48 hours before she was brought into the hospital and not the previous day as she said because of the maggot  infested wound.
Hospital staff say they would conduct test on her to ascertain if she was truly raped.

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