Monday, 19 May 2014

President. Jonathan I will visit Chibok but does that solve the problem?" -

See president Jonathan at the press conference for the Regional Security Summit that held in France today, President Jonathan explained why he hasn't visited the Chibok community, the school or parents of the missing girls...
"The school is owned by the State Government but it is the commitment of the Federal government to rebuild the school, build walls to protect it and provide facilities since it is predominantly a school that takes care of girls education so that the girls would be protected. Yes I will visit Chibok, no doubt about that but what we are anxious about now is to locate the girls. These girls are not held in Chibok. If the President goes to Chibok today, does that solve any problem? Maybe psychological problem or for media relevance but you have not solved the problem. The problem facing the President and indeed the Nigerian government is to get these girls from wherever they are" he said
See pics of President Jonathan at the summit

 Here are five quotes the President made during his presentation at the summit

1. "This is not anymore a challenge to Nigeria alone; it is a threat to each and every one of us"
2. "This latest attack is a wake up call for all of us. A line has been drawn in the sand, a test is put to each of us"
3. "Nigeria will rise up to this challenge and prevail. I call upon each one of you to stand up and be counted with us"
4."An attack on one country is an attack on all of us and our common humanity."
5. "We will not succumb to terrorists and their dangerous tactics.T errorists will not be allowed to define who we are"


  1. U make it a habit of completely missing d point don't U Mister President?

  2. He's going at this moment doesn't really make sense, he will be putting the life of his security operatives at risk, when things are calm, he can go.