Thursday, 15 May 2014

Lamar refused from Night club by French Montana's security because of Khloe Present(Photos)

Lamar has been reportedly desperate to see Khloe since she started dating French Montana ...He head she was at Penthouse Nightclub on Tuesday night and came around but was bounced by French Montana's security.French who was performing at the venue, instructed the club owner that Odom was not allowed inside the venue. An onlooker tells E!
"It was Khloe, French, Kim [Kardashian] and Jonathan Cheban. Kim and Jonathan exited the car and were filming a scene for the show while Khloe and French were in the car talking. Just then, Lamar walks past the car and heads around to the front of the club to go in.Lamar was rejected at the door and was forced to leave.The doorway to the club was surrounded by French's security, who made it clear to Lamar he would not be allowed in. .He was later seen walked by Khloe and French as they sat inside her Range Rover.Khloe looked shocked. It did not look like she was expecting him at all. No one could believe he was there..After that, Khloe and her group went inside. Kim and Jonathan stayed for about an hour before leaving, but Khloe remained with French.

Additionally, the source revealed that "it seemed obvious Lamar was there looking for Khloe. This was not a random coincidence. He seemed desperate."

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  1. Chai! Lamar why U fall hand like that na! Just move on please. Or if U still want to win her heart U shud do it in a less embarassing manner cos U are coming off as the loser who didn't kow what hwe had when he had it.