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Twins Separated at Birth, Wed & Produce Hideous Incest Love Child

By Nigel J. Covington, III
<NationalReport> Its one of the strangest cases of accidental incest ever recorded in the United States. In March 1991, twins, one boy and one girl were born to 27 year-old, Inmate # FW-1606, a white female from Madison, Wisconsin. Inmate # FW-1606 was in custody at the Wisconsin State Women’s Correctional Facility at the time she gave birth. Serving a ten year term for armed robbery, receiving stolen property, obstruction of justice and conspiracy to commit robbery resulted in both healthy babies being remanded to state custody.
Child Protective Services placed both infants in the temporary care of a foster home until they could be adopted. In May 1992, Inmate # FW-1606s daughter was adopted by a Wisconsin family from Mt.Horeb. We’ll call them the Smith family. Two months later, Inmate # FW-1606s son, now 16 months old was adopted by a childless couple from Fort Atkinson. We’ll call them the Jones family.

Incest Love ChildIncest Love Child

By all accounts both families provided good nurturing homes where both children excelled and are reported to have adapted well at home and at school. In 2002, Mr. Jones was promoted to regional manager with his company and was assigned to work from the home office in Madison. To be closer to work the Jones family sold their home in Fort  Atkinson and moved to Verona, a suburb of Madison.
At 15, Robert Jones, the Jones’ adopted son began his first year of high school at Verona High School in 2006. Angie Smith, the adopted daughter of the Smith family also 15, began her first year of high school at Mt.Horeb High School located 15 miles west of Verona.
Robert & Angie in Their Senior Year (Photo Taken From Angie's Facebook Page)
Robert & Angie in Their Senior Year
(Photo Taken From Angie’s Facebook Page)
The two schools had been rivals for decades and during football season that rivalry brought both communities together for Friday night games. It was during the football season of 2007 when both Robert and Angie were 16 that they met one Friday night. The two hit it off quite well, later Angie would say she fell in love with Robert that night. And Robert admitted there was a chemistry he sensed when he was with Angie that made him feel “invincible.”
The two remained in touch mostly through Facebook or by phone, after Robert got his driver’s license they began dating. A year after graduating school, at age 19, they became man and wife. Last week the couple had their first child.
On Sunday, January 20, 2013, at 6:16 a.m. Angie gave birth to a soulless creature and spawn of Satan. At 6:19 a.m. the underweight infant died. What should’ve been a healthy child had been born horribly disfigured. Doctors realized something about the birth wasn’t right, infants born with such genetic defects represent less than 1% of U.S. births, so doctors began looking for answers.
Blood work done at the hospital soon revealed that Robert and Angie had identical DNA. As the young couple searched for answers so did the authorities who now suspected the pair of having an incestuous relationship that could result in criminal charges being filed. But adoption records quickly revealed the truth.
Though no charges were filed against the couple the incident has raised many questions in the medical community not generally discussed due to the rarity of such births in the U.S. The couple has not spoken publicly about the birth as legal questions are now being raised about the legitimacy of their marriage and continued cohabitation.
The Lack of an Incest Taboo in America Today
Inappropriate Father-Daughter Relations is Illegal in Most States
Inappropriate Father-Daughter Relations is Illegal in Most States
Another issue is that incest rarely becomes an issue in the U.S. and therefore has not undergone much serious dialog. This lack of attention may be to blame for the rather lax attitudes in America’s youth today towards incest. There are stories in the news about happy incestuous couples who have been willing to come forward and openly discuss their sinful demonic relationship. A few books have been published on incest, but most date back several decades.
It now seems that our avoidance of the topic in public schools and through public education which faded during the 1970s may have come back to bite us.
According to several people I interviewed on the subject I found younger people are aware of incest and think… “Its kind of creepy,” as one high school girl told me. It was the lack of awareness about incest’s past taboo in the U.S. that struck me as odd. Many young people told me if they love one another they should simply be left alone.
Two Brothers Who Are The Product Of Incest & Sin. Though They Look Like Retards They're Not.
Two Brothers Who Are The Product Of Incest & Sin. Though They Look Like Retards They’re Not.
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