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Naija' AY Show - Omotola Surprise Birthday Party


Recalling Old Statement:Zoe Saldana “Scared” By Comparisons to Angelina Jolie

Dreaming of been compared to Angelina Jolie, well not Zoe Saldana whose earning has been in comparisons to Angelina Jolie with her latest action flick Colombiana. “It’s scary,” she told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “I wouldn’t want to think about it in that way.” She is, however, “honored to be included in a group of women that have defied their own gravity.” Zoe Saldana is fearless she does her own stunts in her movies just like Angelina Jolie she however admits is “exhausting.” She adds, “Thank God no permanent injuries, but I was definitely very, very sore. It’s always a lot of work and its exhausting while you’re doing it and your training for it.” According to reports.

How Do You Know who Is wearing The real Or Low Quality Brazilan hair Or Peruvian Hair

Everyone seem to be talking about Brazilian//Peruvian  hair and wearing it, but how do you know the good quality ones or low quality ones,

As a long time  user of Brazilian hair and as one who deals on it I can tell you a good one when i see it, that is why I also spoke to friends and clients and  I  found a few friends who can vouch for the good quality hair

Here is your chance to see if you can tell the differences pick the good quality from the low quality one.

Before And After Any Changes


                                                            Now what do you thick do you see the difference leave a comment below

Stephanie Okereke Morning Rant Lady in Red..

steph lady in red
Recently stumbled on this picture and thought to share. #Throwback #Fashion. Here I am, as the lady in red. Do you like this dress, if so, tell me why)
Was posted this morning on her face book page

There Is A Big similarity between Maze Coutur And Yomi Casual

This Yomi Casual design

This is Maze Coutur
PLEASE leave a commet and tell us what you are thinging

Beyoncé Goes Make-Up Free For Shower Snap

Beyoncé goes make-up free for shower snap
Beyonce is having a photo shoot , and went make-up free for the pout perfect snap. she looks flawless and pretty in her curls 

See Nigerian Celebrities Wearing Maze Coutur

Basket Mouth And The Man Himself  Maze Coutur

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kim kardashian says she plans to marry kanye west…just not yet

Kim the highly paid reality TV star who visited Nigeria as a guest for 4 hours was paid a whopping  $500,000 dollars, said she is not in a hurry to marry Kanye west, but they are looking forward to it, a date has not yet been set, she was quoted as saying she is in no rush to walk down the aisle any time soon after two failed marriages in her name . ..

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Style Fluency: She Done it Again She Never Misses A Touch Of Class

Leave A comment tell us what you think from Style Fluency you want to look like this or get some tips leave a comment I will  try my best to get it to her.

I Owe Nobody Any Apology For My Absence – Governor Chime

I owe nobody any apology for my absence – Governor Chime
I was in Enugu in December and we were all praying for the safe reture of   Governor Chime, this is what he had to say, on his reture back  
The Enugu State Governor, Sullivan Chime on Tuesday said that he never regretted the fact that Nigerians particularly the people he governs were kept in the dark during his five-month absence insisting that he owed nobody any apology for keeping them guessing throughout the period. Mr Chime, who spoke to a select group of journalists at the Governor's Lodge, Enugu said that he was hit by deadly cancer of the nose which he had to treat in a London hospital during his long period of absence from office. He described cancer as a deadly disease and added that its cure was deadly too. "Cancer is a deadly disease and the cure is also deadly. The cure for cancer is not Panadol. The cure for cancer is not these drugs you buy off the counter. By the time you go through Chemotherapy and radiotherapy, you will be a changed person. "So I started treatment and the treatment altogether lasted for twelve weeks. Throughout the period of my treatment, I was an outpatient. I was never admitted in any hospital. All my treatments, I took as an outpatient," he said. - source Channels News

My Personal Interview With The Charming And Charismatic Ghana Born’ Winner Of UK Top Model of Colour Nana Afua Antwi’ Supermodel And A Fashion Designer

Well done you are in every fashion magazine I read, please do tell us about your self.
(Giggles) WOW : My name is Nana Afua Antwi current the UK Top Model of Colour  as well as an  aspiring Supermodel. I am originally from Ghana born and raised in Ashanti Region where I lived with my late Mother and Grandmother. I am the only child of my Mother and related to 7 step siblings from my Dad. Growing up was tough as I learned to depend on my own, I grew around my Grandmother a lot which opened up a lot of life lessons.

You are tall and beautiful, and you carry yourself very well, will I be right in saying that is probably one of the reason for wanting to be a model or you have always be passionate about it regardless of how you look.
I have always been passionate about Modelling at the age of 13yrs, when I first saw a picture of Tyra on my friend’s Locker in High school but didn’t know how to go about it .I feel good inside whenever am classified to be tall and beautiful as that description was never part of my life when I started primary school. I got bullied a lot for my looks and teased by some of my mates simply because I was really tall and slender. In Ghana, modeling at that period was not a big deal compared to beauty pageants.  I am glad I found hope in Modelling which has made me embrace who I am today.
You aim is to become a super top model not just in the UK but globally, Please do tell us who you have been able to achieve that in the UK and  how you  intend to achieve it globally
I must say so far so good my modeling career has just kicked off very successfully as am now the cover girl for Black Hair Magazine Aug/Sept Issue 2011 and soon to be signed to a Top European Model Agency. I feel it’s a great start as a lot of Models are seeking for such opportunity, within this year I have graced five front covers. Right now I am targeting more on mainstream and wish to pursue my career in America. I have a PR team that has been supporting me in Ghana to inspire youth of my work here in the UK through press.
A big congratulation to you for winning the contest Top model Of Colour UK, please do tell us about it and what part you are playing as the winner of Top model Of Colour UK.
Thank you, I must say wining Top Model of Colour UK was a big shock as I never saw that coming. Every model that participated in the show was professional and had their own potentials of achieving the title. Top Model of Colour is a prestigious competition which has been running for 5years set to inject Models of colour in the mainstream and I must say it was a privilege to be part of it. Winning the competition has open different opportunities which has given me the  platform to as Ambassador for Models of Colour to inspire aspiring models through work and setting up a charity for Young Single Women/ Mothers living harsh lives in rural Ghana.
How long have you been modelling, and who are your sponsors. Is modelling for you a money makingbusiness or a hobby to you.
I have been modeling for 2 years now and at the moment not entitled to sponsors. I started modeling with Mahogany Model Management and soon to hit top mainstream Model Agency. I do enjoy modeling as both money making business and a hobby.
You are not only beautiful, you are also talented, creative and business minded, you have a fashion line , called “Adopted Culture” Our readers would love to know more about it, please do tell us more., starting with the name why you named it ”Adopted Culture”  , and what your cloths line is all about.
Well well (giggles) Adopted Culture is simply embracing different cultural values, style and originality to form on piece through fashion. The name ‘adopted Culture’ was discovered when I researched on today’s fashion and realized how much people are in love with other cultural trends and embracing their originality by making it their own. Eg: Gele is known as a famous hair wrap within Nigerian Women but it’s now global and every Woman love to adopt the style for ceremonies, the name is to experience the uniqueness and originality of bringing different cultural designs together and making it fashion. Adopted Culture clothing has a  positive vibe with a funky twist as well as theatrical inspiration  which is going to go a long way in the fashion industry with its upcoming designs. The collection ranges from sizzling evening wear to couture, promoting fashion through unity with different cultural style and designed for today’s woman to embrace curves and appreciate their wonderful body in every style.
Adopted Culture” how well is it doing in the UK, what is the retail price for your clothes, and who are your clients, are your clothes affordable or only for the rich.
The clothing line is now very popular after good catwalk shows from Fashions Finest to Afro Hair and beauty. Adopted Culture trends are very affordable and related to everyday Woman with curves and sense of style.
Betty nwabunike Editor Women Confidencials

Nana Afua Antwi: Graces Covers Of All celebrity Magazine, Read My interview With' Women Confidentials

You can’t help but fall in love with our lovely Nana Afua, the new super model/designer with a clear difference, the question in every lip is if she is going to be the one to take over from Naomi Campbell, a flawless super model gracing every front cover, the sky is the limit for our gorgeous creative yet down to earth Nana Afua . Magazines can’t get enough of her, this is saying to all magazines now is your chance to book, very soon, it will become an endless waiting list. Brand name Adopted Culture

Who is your favorite Nollywood Actress : Time Is Ticking

Jackie Appiah 
 Omotola Jalade Ekeinde 

Stephanie Okereke
Rita Dominic, 

Ini Edo

Tonto Dike

 Omotola Jalade Ekeinde

Love This Clip By Gorgeous Hair

Gorgeous Hair Facebook Page

Emotional Pope Bids Farewell : Says He Resigned for good of Church

Pope Benedict XVI appears on a giant screen in a packed Saint Peter's Square at the Vatican during his last general audience, February 27, 2013. REUTERS/Stefano Rellandini

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Pope Benedict bid an emotional farewell at his last general audience on Wednesday, saying he understood the gravity of his decision to become the first pontiff to resign in 600 years but that he had done it for the good of the Roman Catholic Church.

A Message Friends... Renee Matthews New Writer Whose Book "Black and White -

Hi there, a lovely lady I know - Renee Matthews - is a new writer whose book "Black and White - A Survivor Story" tells of Renee's struggle to overcome domestic violence. Renee is looking to generate enough sales to be able to donate some of the money to (Women's Aid: A CHARITY for mothers and children who are victims of DV), but cannot do so without sales. Signed copies of the book are available on If you could please cut and paste this message and forward it on to anyone who may be interested, or to around 10-15 people who would be willing to share this message with their friends, I would be grateful as any help would be appreciated. Thanks very much and may God bless you!" Please send the message above to your friends, and get them to send it on to their friends too. Do make sure you tell them to cut and paste the message and send it to around 10-15 of their friends, family etc... Visit Her site 

Naija random Pictures Of Beautiful' Elegant And Lovely Combination

Lady Ginas sister Mercy . Gorgeous By Esohe Aihie

Picture By the best Photograph Bambino Photography I Personally recommend them they are that good

WHY? Enough Of This Oppression And Injustice Against Igbo Traders In Lagos State!

 By Okechukwu Nwanguma
 I have personally and officially followed closely, the case of Ladipo market, Mushin LGA Lagos. I assert that the closing down of Ladipo market by the Lagos State Government and the arrest, detention and dehumanizing of Igbo traders in that market is a clear case of oppression and injustice by powerful, primordial forces intent on dislodging the traders, dispossessing them of their assets and taking over a market they built with their own sweat and resources. This is the culmination of a long-drawn scheme and ceaseless attempts by these self-serving and base individuals and forces to forcefully and illegally throw out the traders and take over their market, in utter violation of subsisting agreements that the traders will run the market for a specified period of time having spent their money constructing structures in the market. The claims of 'environmental degradation','obstruction of traffic and drainage' etc are fraudulent pretext and sheer subterfuge for what is apparently a case of ethnic persecution fuelled by hatred and the individual avarice of some people who have over the years nursed the ambition to take over the market- and have on several occasions- and up to December 2012, used both the police and thugs to harass, intimidate, hound and even made attempts on the lives of the leadership and members of the traders association. A section of the media has also been employed to propagate falsehood in furtherance of the dubious agenda of the masterminds of this wicked act. Those innocent traders branded 'bakasi boys' and currently detained by the police must be released. The issues leading to, and surrounding, the closure of the market should be transparently investigated and truth and justice must prevail! Okechukwu Nwanguma Advocacy Coordinator Network on Police Reform in Nigeria Source Saharareporters

Can You Be Honest In The Start Of A New Relationship

The backbone of any relationship is called honesty. The question I keep getting from friends, do you tell it all? in the start of a new relationship? or do you wait til later to tell it all?, or never at all? there is no straight answer to these question, every relation must begin or take off with honesty and trust, therefore if your past life or things you have done in the past should or must be mentioned than you should, there are things that can wait, and as the relationship progresses you can bring it up, there are things that are just not necessary, there are things that must and should be said even before you agree to start dating. One of the basics of a solid relationship is honesty which also involves telling all you need to tell before moving on to the next level. This gives the other person the room to take it all in, and accept you for who you are or not, no matter how little a lie is, it can cause most times a major problem. Therefore if you think you have sometime important that your new partner has to know, it always best to hear it from you, instead of others, and what was meant to be an innocent past, becomes a major catastrophe. One thing we never truly understand in life is that, what is meant to be will be but only with the truth, no matter how terrible the truth may sound, that is why those things are referred to as the past, therefore your new partner knows, that is your past, you are facing your future a much wiser and better person. It always a thumb up for you when you speak the honest truth in the start of a meaningful relationship. Betty Nwabunike

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TommixMusic Madrid: Fan Sang (Omo Naija Living in Spain

The CEO TommixMusic Madrid was so impressed When a fan sang his song so beautifully. ( I was so impressed when i saw a youtube link in my inbox of a great Fan singing (Omo Naija Living in Spain) By Tommix, for a Female to sing a Dancehall song is not easy ooo. If nobody praise you i will cos i knows how difficult it is to sing it. You surprised me so much even my Wife love the song so much but she can not even sing it the way you did she only sings the Urself GLORIA you just murdered the beat. Mi Love it.)

Breaking Nws: John Paintsil Rushed To Hospital After Collapsing

Black Stars defender John Paintsil has been rushed to the Ghana-Canada hospital at East Legon after he collapsed Tuesday morning. A source close to the hospital told Joy sports the Black Stars defender was rushed into the hospital by his wife and few relatives. It is not clear the cause of his collapse but the source says the player has been revived and released. The player was expected to sign a bond of good behavior on Tuesday at the Legon Police Station where he was arrested and briefly detained on charges of assault and causing body harm to his wife and neighbour.

Poll Of The Day Orji Uzor Kalu or T. A. Orji?

Governor T. Orji has been shouting to the heavens that Abians no longer want Orji Uzor Kalu in PDP nor to paly any role in the politics of the state. he claims he is the preferred leader Abians love.

We want to hear from the people, between T. Orji and Orji Uzor Kalu who is the true leader Abians love.

Write OUK for Orji Uzor Kalu
Write TAO for T. A. Orji

Let's go, your time starts now!

WOW The New COLOR Mix From Style Fluency

This is just great Style Fluency you are the best
 Look at this endless lovely legs the design made especially for the legs what do you think, I say Wow What about you

Our New Wife Nneoma Nwabunike Welcome To The Nwabunike's

Elegant And beautiful

Kiyana Wraps: Hair Wraps With A Differences

Don't Know Much About Them, But They the most gorgeous hair around

And my Favorited is this one below

my best

Collections/Images From Kiyana Wraps